Specialized Training

The confidence that comes from solid training and having your whole team on the same page boosts morale, reduces liability, and leads to effective outcomes.  We have a unique and innovative way to integrate a variety of diverse topics into one coherent, easy to use model.  Here are our basic trainings:

1. De-escalation.  We approach the tough topic of how to effectively reduce anxiety and agitation in a way that is compassionate and reliable.  We address the sources of escalation, safety issues, effective de-escalation strategies, and team concepts aimed at preventing aggression and violence. 

2. Threat recognition and reporting.  A critical part of violence prevention is intervention.  In so many headline-grabbing cases, there were missed opportunities along the way to make a positive difference in the outcome.  We help our clients create an organization-wide approach to seeing warnings early and getting the right information to the right people.

3. Active violence response.  Sometimes situations accelerate too fast or emerge from unknown sources and result in physical violence.  This can range from assault to violence committed with firearms or knives.  We provide classroom and physical training on these topics that is non-threatening, easy to learn, and effective.

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Physical Site Security Assessment

Our site security assessments support your overall violence prevention mission.  We focus on the vulnerabilities that most directly impact life safety and integrate smoothly with what is taught in our trainings.  We combine a variety of perspectives, including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, to address the standards and recommendations of the FBI and OSHA.  We help you prioritize security improvements and avoid unrealistic recommendations through an enjoyable, educational, and unpressured process.

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Threat Assessment and Management

In addition to our general classroom training on how to recognize and report concerning communications and behaviors, we also help clients develop their own threat assessment teams and capabilities.  We also assist clients in managing situations of concern.  We have special training and experience related to K-12 and higher education threat assessment, click here for more information on educational threat assessment.   

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Plans and Procedures

A critical part of any violence prevention effort are the written guidelines that keep everyone on the same page during an incident or emergency.  We can help you develop effective, easy to read emergency operations plans, incident response guidelines, and supporting documentation.  We can also help you review and revise current plans.

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Security/ Public Safety Department Development

Our team can assess, enhance, build, or rebuild your K-12, higher education, church, or even small municipal security or public safety department.  We address staffing, budget, training, leadership, organizational structure, dispatch, technology integration, recruiting, retention, documentation and forms to get your program to a high functioning and sustainable level.  Our approach is supportive, clear and focused on solutions that work for you and your specific needs. 

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